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Asian Studies Program

Welcome, NU class of 2019!

Check out our First-year Focus page for more information about the Asian Studies major and minor—whether you are a first-year student or not!

Why Asian Studies?

Asia is one of the most dynamic, historically rich, culturally varied, and politically and economically significant areas of the globe. Continue reading for more information about the Asian Studies Program or find out what our alumni have to say here.

Peter Carroll

"Bit by bit, my original plan of majoring in French and Political Science fell away, and I found myself an Asian Studies major"

Learn more about Peter Carroll.

Laura Brueck

"I learned that the power of narrative is not only to describe experience and inspire feeling, but also to challenge and upend social stagnation and injustice"

Learn more about Laura Brueck.

Laura Hein

"I started thinking about Japan again as a freshman in college when taking a course on The History of Western Thought… and wondered why no one checked their ideas against someplace a little farther away"

Learn more about Laura Hein.


"To discover the wonders and mystery of another country was my childhood dream: A 'foreign land' always meant to me a place of freedom, adventure, imagination, and exciting encounters."

Learn more about Jili Sun

Upcoming Events

Circles of Steel, Castles of Vanity: Geopolitics of U.S. Military Bases on the South China Sea
February 25, 2016 • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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Asian Studies at Northwestern is a vital, intellectually rigorous program that challenges and rewards students on many levels. ASP offers students opportunities to open up a world of learning and life experience.

Photo Gallery

Seoul Namdaemun at Night

The store of dry fishes & etc.

Japan - Kyoto.

Japanese lanterns.

Hong Kong Skyline.

Chinese music.

Night Parade of 100 Spirits

China. Manchu ladies of the palace being warned to stop smoking [opium].

A young nobleman enjoying Holi with his consort.

Picture of a Concert of European Music.

Punjab, India.

The Pleasure of Fishes.

Ramayana; Ravana, Indrajit his Son, and their Demon Courtiers.

Taj Mahal.