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Ihnhee Kim

Assistant Professor of Instruction, Asian Languages and Cultures

Ph.D. Temple University

Ihnhee Kim received her doctorate degree in second language education with a focus on curricula, instruction, and technology from Temple University. Her specialties include bilingualism, discourse analysis, and interactional and socio-cultural theories. Before joining Northwestern University, she taught all levels of Korean language courses, including a graduate level course at the University of Pennsylvania. Not only has Dr. Kim published articles, book reviews, and scholarly interviews in the field of second language education, but she has also served as a peer reviewer at the ACTFL and TESOL conference. In addition to actively participating in language assessment as a certified ACTFL/ILR OPI tester, she is currently working as a member of the editorial team for the journal, The Korean Language in America.

Her research interests include second language acquisition, interaction between identity and language learning, perception and production of language use, cross-cultural communication, critical media literacy, and comparative studies in various areas.
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