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Daniel Majchrowicz

Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures

Ph.D. Harvard

Daniel Majchrowicz joined the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures as Assistant Professor of South Asian Literature and Culture in 2015. He received his  Ph.D. in the Histories and Cultures of Muslim Societies in South Asia from Harvard University in the same year. His research interests include Urdu literature, travel writing, the history of Islam in South Asia, sociolinguistics and language politics, and comparative literature. His current project is a history of the idea of travel in South Asia as it found expression in Urdu, Hindi and Indo-Persian travel writing of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This work, tentatively titled “’The Means to Victory’: Travel Writing and Aspiration in Modern South Asia” examines how the travel account become an independent genre of literature even as it took up an increasingly visible role in the intellectual and political life in India and Pakistan. 

This Fall, Daniel Majchrowicz will begin a three-year project entitled “Veiled Voyagers: Muslim Women Travelers from Asia and the Middle East” with the support of the Leverhulme Trust. The project is lead by Siobhan Lambert-Hurley (Sheffield University, UK) and Sunil Sharma (Boston University). Veiled Voyagers will recover, translate and analyze Muslim women’s travel writing from a range of languages in order to draw out the gendered relationships that inhere between travel and Muslim identities, nationalism, and the shaping of global power. The project’s final output will include an annotated book edition, as well as an online repository of Muslim women’s travel texts in both the original and translation. Majchrowicz’s own contribution to the project will focus particularly on accounts from South Asia. ​

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