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Hsiu-Ling Robertson

Assistant Professor of Instruction, Asian Languages and Cultures

Ph.D. Massachusetts-Amherst

Hsiu-Ling Robertson received her doctoral degree at University of Massachusetts. She was a visiting scholar at Department of East Asian Languages and civilization at Harvard University, 1999-2000. She was an associate professor at Tunghai University in Taiwan before joining the teaching faculty at Northwestern University. Her teaching at Northwestern focuses on heritage learning instruction. She has taught second and third year Chinese language courses in addition to exploring globalization and pop culture issues within these advanced language classes. She has published two books: Women’s Self-recognition in Modern Chinese Literature. Taipei: Le Jin Books LTD, 2004 (in Chinese); Wings of Life: The Road Less Traveled by Nine Brave Women. Taipei: Nu Shudian (Women’s Publisher), 2003 (in Chinese). Hsiu-Ling directed a documentary film, “Foreign Brides in Taiwan”; and, she is currently in the process of directing a film titled, “The Fabulous Buddha” to invite the audience to reflect on the issue of what roles nuns play in modern society.

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