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Jeffrey Winters

Professor, Department of Political Science and Director of Equality Development and Globalization Studies (EDGS) Program

Ph.D. Yale University

Jeffrey Winters focuses his research and teaching in the areas of comparative and international political economy, comparative politics, state-capital relations, labor, human rights, and the politics of postcolonial states, particularly in Southeast Asia. He is also interested in international debt, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization. His central scholarly interest is in examining how power and wealth are concentrated in the hands of the few, and the effects this has on the many. His first book,"Power in Motion: Capital Mobility and the Indonesian State"(Cornell University Press, 1996), explores the highly undemocratic structural power of those who control the investment resources everyone else depends upon for their survival. With Jonathan Pincus, he co-edited"Reinventing the World Bank"(Cornell University Press, 2002). Both books were translated into Indonesian and published in Jakarta. He has also published two other books in Indonesian: in 1999,"Dosa-Dosa Politik Orde Baru"[Political Sins of Suharto's New Order], and, in 2004,"Orba Jatuh, Orba Bertahan?"[Indonesia's "New Order" Falls or Endures?]. Winters is currently working on the problem of oligarchy -- a study of the uninterrupted dominance of elites across all institutional forms and political contexts. The cases addressed include the United States, Russia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, and Mexico.

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