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Study Abroad

Interested in having the adventure of a lifetime? Would you like to improve your Asian language skills?

Students wishing to receive Northwestern credit for study in Asia have a number of exciting options. Northwestern currently has affiliated study abroad programs in the following countries:

China, India, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea.

Extensive information on each program is available at the Global Learning Office. Students should see their major/minor advisor before and upon return from study abroad.

When students return to Northwestern, they should make an appointment with their major/minor advisor and bring the following materials: 

  1. *Syllabi from courses,
  2. *Major course work (papers, tests, presentations, journals, etc.),
  3. Course descriptions,
  4. Notebooks if possible to better clarify the course material, and
  5. Petition For Credit for Courses Taken Abroad

*the most important materials to bring back

This way, the advisor can see what was taught in totality, plus the Dean's office may also require these materials if the student requests credit towards other bachelor's degree requirements. Sometimes students can only bring limited work back, but should bring as much as possible. 

Students must complete the Petition for Credit for Courses Taken Abroad for WCAS credit. More information on this process including rules and policies can be found on the Weinberg website. Back to top