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Programs in Asia

The Northwestern University Study Abroad Office offers a wide array of excellent programs to Asia that are NU-sponsored or NU-affiliated. Affiliated programs are ones on which NU students have had reported good experiences and the programs have been vetted by NU, making the process of petitioning for credit for study abroad somewhat simpler. Students studying on an unaffiliated program are not eligible for NU financial assistance. That said, NU students may also study abroad on unaffiliated non-NU programs. Students who elect to study on an unaffiliated non-NU program should meet with an advisor to discuss the program before they apply. For more on taking a non-affiliated program, click here.

Students should be aware that programs differ and that some curricula may be better suited to their individual aims and the requirements of your major and/or minor than others. Depending on a student’s course of study, a NU-sponsored, NU-affiliated, or unaffiliated non-NU program may be best. It is recommended that all students discuss their study abroad plans with an advisor.

Asia Programs Sponsored or Affiliated with NU

Some Non-NU Programs (Affiliated and Unaffiliated) recommended by ASP faculty

China and Taiwan



South Asia (India and Nepal)

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